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Direct to Disk Recording/Tape Drive Emulator

Utilizing our latest Data Capture Target (DCT) card,  SeisDrive provides the ability to accept data from recording systems at up to 40 MB/sec and output directly to a RAID array or hot swappable hard drives.

6U 3.5 Terabyte RAID 5 System


Key Benefits

bulletIncreased data transfer speed from recorder enables Faster Record Cycle capability bulletEliminates production problems related to tape drive performance bulletRecord to Hot Swappable USB Hard Drives bullet3.5 Terabyte RAID 5 Storage option for secure larger data volumes bulletFlexibility to Archive to any preferred storage media bulletRead After Write data display bulletExtensive suite of data quality assurance tools bulletCost effective, user friendly, Windows PC platform bulletNetwork link to processing system bulletAvailable for: I/O MSX, I/O Image, I/O System II, Sercel 408, 388, Seal, Syntrak and Hydroscience NTRS-2


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